Elementor #65

Seriously Girl...God's got this!

I’m in my third trimester, on the fast track to eternal life, and for the remainder of my time here, I want to hear from, commune with, rest in, and follow Jesus like never before. After a lifetime of being a people pleaser, I’m finally (big sigh of relief) happy in my own skin, content to be me, and thankful for every day of life God blesses me for the rest of my days. After a decade of battling with the reality of getting older, I’m happy being right where I am and am filled with gratitude for the blessings of life. Every single day.

Do you, too, want to finish well? Do you want the days ahead to be the most meaningful of your entire life? Join me on a journey where the end is not the end, but rather a new beginning… rebirth to new and everlasting life.

30 Jul 2021

It’s difficult to grasp how we can rejoice at the home going of a loved one while grieving at the same time. This new post explores the reason for our hope and its impact on the weightiness of loss.

23 Jul 2021

We are on a “shake down cruise” this week, which is a nautical term describing that first outing when all of a ship’s functions are tested. We are at a[…]