One Is the Loneliest Number

I am certain social distancing is hard on all of us but for me it’s especially difficult because I live alone.  I feel cut off and lonely and have no one readily available to share my concerns with. How can I maintain a positive, faith filled attitude during this quarantine.

[Note: When I received this question, I knew there was one person I could count on for an authentic and practical response. My dear friend Elsie lost her husband 2 1/2 years ago, and she knows from where she speaks. Please welcome Elsie, today’s guest contributor, to Seriously Girl. –Gigi]

It’s true, those who have to spend this time of social distancing alone, in what must feel like solitary confinement, have to battle a different set of emotions. I have seen multiple social distancing coping mechanisms offered for families of small children and for those who are having to work from home, but I haven’t seen very much offered in support for those who live alone. I spoke to a friend of mine who also lives alone and she shared some thoughts of her own on this topic. After some thought and prayer for clarity, here are some things that came to mind:

  • For those of us who stay in the Word on a daily basis I think you will agree it helps to start your day focused, and that is even more true now. If you do not currently have a daily routine for the Word, may I suggest that now is the time to start. Having that message to start your day gives you something solid to focus on and takes you out of your personal bubble. 
  • Instead of waiting for someone to reach out to you take the initiative and reach out to others. My friend did this just the other day. She told me she went to her church directory, selected someone she knew was also living alone,  picked up the phone and made the call. While this woman wasn’t someone she knew well, this quarantine had sort of leveled the playing field giving everyone something important in common. I should add that the lady who received the call was so glad to know someone she hardly knew had reached out to her. They agreed to check in with each other every few days going forward.
  • Journal. Writing your feelings down and letting everything flow out onto the paper is very cathartic. Just because you write it out doesn’t mean you have to keep it. Sometimes getting your feelings and frustrations down on paper and then destroying them can be very powerful and may just give you a feeling of relief. 

I hope these few ideas are useful. Don’t forget to pray. Pray for comfort in the moment, pray for motivation, pray for peace in your heart. 

One day, while saying farewell to a friend she said to me, “Be blessed and be a blessing”. I pray you have the opportunity for both today.


I will not be afraid, because you are with me. Your rod and your
shepherd’s staff comfort me. –Psalm 23:4b


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