The quest for an uncluttered heart

No conversation on decluttering our lives is complete without considering the importance of an uncluttered heart. One could argue this discussion should have come first, but here at Seriously Girl we go where the questions lead, leaning into the Holy Spirit for a response, and then a follow up.  Today, I’m praying for the leading of the Spirit and the heart to follow him, because the heart is where it all happens. If we miss this, we will be ever floundering, reaching for any and every thought or book or podcast to figure out life.

What, exactly, is an uncluttered heart?

  • An uncluttered heart is rooted in the truth of the gospel.  The gospel is where it all begins, and without it, we will never know who we are or why we are here.  We were known and loved even before we were conceived, and a plan for our redemption was already in place. Knowing that we were unable to save ourselves from ourselves, Jesus came to earth to introduce us to the Father and to fulfill the redemptive work that would bring us life – both here and now and for all eternity. Do you know who you are in light of the gospel? Here is a beautiful explanation of the gospel, shared at the end of a worship arts conference I attended 8 years ago.
  • An uncluttered heart filters the input of the world.  There is so much going on in our world, and so many ideas to absorb, comprehend, and deal with – so many that we can easily become burdened by the stories and times we live in.  It is easy to forget who we are in light of the gospel when our eyes are on the news of the day instead of on our Savior.  An uncluttered heart has eyes on the Savior first and foremost, who then directs our role in this complicated world.
  • An uncluttered heart requires daily attention.  Waiting to look like a messy closet before tending to it misses the entire point of our need for an uncluttered heart. When we neglect communion with God – even for a day – we are in danger of losing perspective and being surrounded by confusion and disorder instead of calm and beauty. When I allow myself to be sucked into the social media world, passing by the time I’d set aside to spend with Jesus, I’ve already invited the clutter of the day to inhabit my heart. It is a daily vigil to abide with Jesus first and before all else, and it leads to gratitude and joy and beauty over chaos and confusion and lack of purpose.

Friends, join me today in the quest for an uncluttered heart where Jesus is on the throne of our lives, directing our paths and providing everything we need to fulfill our calling.


Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. –Psalm 51:10 (NIV)


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