So what did you do today?

Happy Friday, friends! It was a busy one here, but our daughter Feather and I had a great day together, working side by side in the kitchen. Feather (no, not her real name) is our oldest, and suffers from daily intractable migraines, which preclude her from holding down a job. She lives with us, and is trying her best to make good of a very difficult situation.

We were talking this morning as we looked ahead to the day, and she said, “you know, Mom, even though we live in the same house, we don’t do that much together.” She was right – daily migraines make it hard to do much of anything. But today, we had zucchini and yellow squash to deal with, along with cauliflower and broccoli. We worked long and hard, making zucchini bread, fudgy zucchini brownies (I’ve decided that chocolate chips make anything better), zucchini lasagne, and zucchini/yellow squash fritters. We oven roasted the broccoli for supper, and Feather made homemade cream of mushroom soup by chopping and sautéing mushrooms, onions, and garlic and then adding them to a base made of pureed oven roasted cauliflower. She is quite the cooker. It has an amazing flavor, and is virtually carb-free, which in our house (Flyboy is diabetic) is a really good thing.

Feather and I were reminded that working together is always just the best. The hours flew, and we even enjoyed cleaning up the kitchen though it looked like a bomb had been dropped on it. Next up are tomatoes and green beans. I’ve been canning and freezing wax beans like crazy, and they are finally slowing down. Is there anything better than fresh produce right from the garden?

Speaking of the garden, I counted 20 winter squash (butternut and spaghetti) and those were only the obvious ones easily seen. There are more hiding, and another group of butternut planted later which are just beginning to flower. I also have sweet potatoes galore and I can’t wait for fall to dig them up.

In our basement, there is a creepy opening in the floor covered with boards that is over 5 feet deep. For the life of us we’ve not been able to figure out what it was meant for, but a neighbor said it was built for working on the underside of a car. There are no steps, and we’ve not been down there, but Flyboy thinks it might make a good root cellar for the squash and sweet potatoes. The scary little room is less than three feet wide and is ten feet from front to back. I’m just hoping there’s a box of gold doubloons down there. If I have to screw up my courage and go down there, I think there should at least be a treasure waiting, right?

Have a great weekend!


When you eat of the fruit of your hands, you will be happy and it will be well with you. — Psalm 128:2 (NASB)

PS – Starting next week, I’ll be publishing posts on Monday and Thursday. Now that the site is fairly populated, two posts a week – instead of three – will be more manageable. Keep sending your life questions to

Love ya!