Prayer and perspective.

Did you know that only 5% of stomach tumors will be benign? That leaves the 95% – the VAST majority – testing as cancer, and of those, only 40% of those will survive five years.  

I am beyond ecstatic to share that my loved one somehow made the 5% cut (blessedly unbelievable) and does NOT have stomach cancer.  How did that happen?  We couldn’t be more thankful. If 95% with a stomach mass have one of the cancers with the highest morbidity, how did ours end up in the 5%?  We feel so unbelievably blessed.  If you or a loved one find yourselves in the 95%, my heart is with you and I assure you, we did nothing to deserve 5% status, as you did nothing to be in the 95%.  God bless you.

Today is Flyboy’s spinal surgery.  I maintain that to be willing to endure spinal surgery, one must be in dire straits.  Indeed, Flyboy has been living in substantial pain for the past three months and is more than ready to get on with it. We are praying for a good outcome.

It’s always something, isn’t it? 

No matter what is happening in our world, or what the outcome may or may not be, how we handle it boils down to perspective.  How we choose to view the things we go through makes all the difference.  

Whether we’re in the middle of waiting, or dealing with hard outcomes (like the 95%), or trying to figure out our next move, it’s good to be reminded of what is most important.  Loving one another well, being grateful for every day, remembering who we are…these are the things that matter most.  It’s too easy to get hung up in the moment and forget the big picture – a God who cares about everything we go through, a heavenly eternity where pain and suffering will end. No more back pain, no more cancer, no more abuse, no more war, world hunger, or sex trafficking. 

Today, as Flyboy goes in for yet another surgery (this is #6), I can choose to focus on the worst case scenario, or I can leave him in God’s hands, knowing that whatever happens is the will of our loving Father.  

Would you pray for us today? I will pray for you.  


The Lord has heard my cry for mercy; the Lord accepts my prayer. –Psalm 6:9 (NIV)


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