When a simple trip becomes a pilgrimage

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I never intended to even mention the journey I’m on until it was over, but I find I can’t stop talking about it.  (See this post for more info.) It’s taken some surprising turns, and has been rife with unexpected discoveries, and though I’m not proud of it, I want to share what’s happened next.

My first interesting aha moment: I am not addicted to sugar. Indiscriminate eating? Sure. But I’ve had no cravings, no detoxing symptoms, no difficulty in giving up sugar. For some odd reason, I thought that a sugar fast would be more about sugar.  But I’m halfway through – and lo and behold, it’s not been about that at all. Sugar opened the door when I knocked, but much, much more has been found hiding inside. I thought this would be a way to shed some pounds from a spiritual perspective, but I had it completely backwards and it’s been so much more. True change is not just about making habit alterations, it is a transformation from the inside out.

The latest discovery is that I never really realized how judgmental I am.  People are different.  People do things in different ways.  People look different, think differently, arrive at different conclusions.  And that’s okay.  God forgive me for the number of times EVERY DAY I have to do a mental check, take a step back and a deep breath, and stop assuming my way is the best way.  Jesus, forgive me for the way I see others through a critical lens and help me to see them through your eyes – as a highly valued person for whom you died. This new revelation has taken me by surprise, and I am determined to lay siege to the superiority complex at the core and take up humility and true loving care for others instead of constantly internally judging them. Additionally, I am reevaluating some of the ways judgmental attitudes have impacted my soul and my witness. It’s no wonder people are turned off by Christianity when they feel judged right out of the gate.

Interestingly, this fast is turning into a pilgrimage.  I’m excited every day to see where it will take me next.  I could be dreading what might be uncovered next, but I’m in for the ride.  I am planning to do another sugar fast next spring during Lent (“what who? you practice Lent?” more on this later…) and I will be inviting you to join me.  There is plenty of time between now and then to consider the benefits and commit yourself to the possibility of true spiritual transformation.


PS – for those of you wondering about our daughter Heidi, her surgery went well and was executed just in time. Waiting any longer would have caused irreparable damage to her inner ear.  They removed the guilty cyst and rebuilt her inner ear, including a titanium rod that will preclude her from airport scans and MRIs.  Thank you for your prayers. She is resting comfortably. 

Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage. — Psalm 84:5 (NIV)


This is quite an insight to self…. painful, but human… And you are way more human than before. I call that the blessing of age. I am shocked by what I have learned about me (embarrassed too.) But when you know better you do better. And you shared YOU with your readers….. That is sending Grace… Good for you. & Thanks xoxo

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