I will ever tell my story.

For those of us who have walked with the Lord for our lifetimes, we’ve known about salvation and the Great Commission for as long as we can remember. Today, I’ve been confronted with this convicting question: how has your influence made a difference in other’s lives?

I see myself standing before God at the judgement.  My head is hanging, and I’m filled with shame. “I love you child, but I gave you an entire lifetime, complete with the luxury of receiving the gospel as a young child, and you squandered a good part of it focused only on yourself.  I placed people in your path that you ignored while pretending to be a spiritual person. You were too busy ‘ministering’ and feeling good about yourself to really be invested in what was most important.”

And I was hoping for “well done, good and faithful servant.”


Dear friends of ours are spearheading a ministry focused on developing apprentices of Jesus into authentic and organic disciples who can’t help but share their personal journey with others. I’ve been through discipleship training numerous times – enough to be able to write the book myself.  But when I look back on it all, I painfully realize I’ve not always lived what I’ve learned. 

It occurs to me that it’s time for a pledge between now and the end of my life to not miss a single opportunity to share my story with those around me.  For me, that also means loving those in my sphere. It means encouraging the person who has felt that faith has been a waste of time. It’s praying with the person who is feeling lost.  It’s taking the time to be a true friend.  It’s providing a safe place for others to ask the hard questions and know they’ll be loved anyway. It’s being challenged to live in an authentic way, in obedience and out of love for my Heavenly Father who saved me from self-destruction and showed me the way to eternal life – both in the here and now and forevermore, and sharing it with others. 

Let’s walk together and explore what it really looks like to tell our story in a way that will compel those around us to want to know more.


“As for us, we cannot help talking about what we have seen and heard. ”

–Acts 4:20 (NIV)


My walk w/Jesus has not always been one of responsibility to my duties of which He calls all of us. I’ve lacked in areas of speaking up when I knew I really should have & not walked in the ways of the Lord. I recently started a Wednesday nite Ladies Bible study in our home. This morning when I woke the enemy was in my head. Satan whispered, “you can’t teach, you can’t complete a thought @ times. YOU sound like a raving Lunetic!! STOP THIS STUDY NOW!! My Sisters in Christ, don’t fall for this. We as women are way too hard on ourselves as it is. Let us shine our light for the Lord and tell Satan “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ!”” Call a Sister if necessary and have a helping voice guide you to keep walking in the light. Thank you my Sisters. Love ya

I just found this comment – for some unknown reason it went to the spam file first. So sorry! Thank you for shining your light in your neighborhood, and thank you even more for choosing to send that enemy right back where he came from. Your ministry is accomplishing a great work for the Lord!

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