Welcome (back) to Seriously Girl!

The past year just took the wind out of my sails. I’m sure you can relate. I tried to be relevant, and did my best to think of things to say, but after a while, I just fizzled out.  It’s been months since I posted, and I’ve been blown away that people seem to be finding me anyway.

Welcome to my new subscribers, and welcome back to you who have followed Seriously Girl! So glad you are here!  When my daughter-in-law and I first birthed Seriously Girl, it was in a “Dear Abby” platform, where I answered life questions from the perspective of a “spiritual mother”.  It seems the Q&A piece has run its course (though questions are always welcome), and a “rebirthing” is on its way.

I’m in my third trimester, on the fast track to eternal life, and for the remainder of my time here, I want to hear from, commune with, rest in, and follow Jesus like never before.  After a lifetime of being a people pleaser, I’m finally (big sigh of relief) happy in my own skin, content to be me, and thankful for every day of life God blesses me until the end of my days.  After a decade of battling with the reality of getting older, I’m happy being where I am today and filled with gratitude for the blessings of life. Every single day. 

Here at Seriously Girl, I’ll be talking about the blessings of aging and the joys of getting closer to the life that never ends.  But aging is not a joke and presents daily challenges.  Forgetfulness is a real thing.  So is arthritis, and hearing loss, and belly fat, and reading glasses, and sleeplessness, and thinning hair, and what to wear that is age appropriate without being frumpy, and declining strength, and more.  I’m not in denial – aging has real issues. But it’s also a matter of perspective.  I’ve found that how I think about the hard things in my life makes all the difference.  I bet you have, too.

So…welcome back!  My goal is to post weekly, on Fridays. What would you like to talk about? Sure, I have ideas, but I’d LOVE to hear from you and what is important to you.  Either reply to this post, or email me at gigi.seriouslygirl@gmail.com

Have a blessed day! 


You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word. –Psalm 119:114 (NIV)


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