I Can’t Wait to Tell You About It

The first session of The Dig is in the books!  Our group of 8 completed six weeks together last night.  I’ve been 100% enmeshed in all that went into The Dig, which kept me away from blogging, but what a blessing it was. They say the leader always gets the most out of it, and speaking for myself, I feel so very full of the blessings of the Lord I think I could just pop.

I can’t wait to tell you about it.

The basis for The Dig was a gift to me from the Lord, and I knew I wanted to have a place to be able to share the things He has been teaching me this past year.  From pondering authenticity, and a love so great that surrendering to it becomes effortless, to experiencing the freedom to be my truest self for the first time ever made me think that there must be other women out there who are hungry for the same experience.

I was right.

There are.

And seven women from five states joined me for six weeks. 

Here are some take-aways shared last night:

“I was reminded that a relationship cannot be nurtured without spending designated and meaningful time together, and I am committed to doing so with the Lord. I loved the thought that knowing God’s love for us makes surrender to him easy.”

“I have not considered myself legalistic in the past, but I have found new joy in God’s grace and being loved no matter what. I have loved practicing prayer in new ways – mostly through breathing in/out and through music and nature.”

“I am reveling in the fact that God loves me right where I’m at. I have experienced a greater level of grace and connection through the prayer practices, particularly focusing on worship through music and nature.”

“I was reminded that authenticity is a journey, not a destination.  Authenticity is evidence of the real thing. I am committed to the journey and I want to be the real thing.”

“I struggle with anxiety. My past experience has left me feeling judged in that the science of meditation for legitimate relaxation has seemed at odds with “trusting God” with anxiety. I was able to see that allowing God to love me right where I’m at introduces a whole new level of grace whereby I can invite God to meet me in my anxiety instead of feeling separated from him.”

“I realize that I have not been invested in knowing the Bible and I want to start now! I am newly inspired to invest in my spiritual walk and would like to meet regularly for discipleship.”

“It blew me away to be introduced to the prayer of Jesus in the garden, who told the Father he wants to have the same unity with us that they enjoy. Is that even possible? Apparently it is. Jesus prayed it. It is so.”

I’ll be sharing more in posts to come.  Thank you, God, for working in The Dig.   



See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! 
And that is what we are!  –I John 3:1 (NIV)

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