Beautiful Beginnings

It’s almost spring after a painfully long winter, and boy, are we ready.  We spent a month in south Texas trying to stay warm, only to have to return early because our camper couldn’t withstand the cold.  Two mornings of thawing out lines with a hair dryer and hot water was enough.  And even colder weather was on the way!

A new season. But spring is coming. At home in Tennessee it’s been in the 70s this week.  Not so warm yet here in Wisconsin, but the air is starting to smell like spring. Here the birds are arriving on schedule, and in the southern half of the country, bushes and trees are starting to bud and it will be time to pull out the lawn mower before long.

A new commitment. Lent commenced this week, and while I was not raised in a Lenten tradition, I can certainly appreciate the practice of being prepared for the upcoming commemoration of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus – and the new life we have in Christ – by participating in sacrifice, even in a small way. I have been wanting to repeat The 40 Day Sugar Fast by Wendy Speake, and being that Lent is also 40 days long, it seemed like the perfect time.  My cousin and I decided to do it together, and while it may not seem like the perfect time (we are both visiting kids/grandkids), we are moving ahead anyway.  Several people I know have heard about this fast and want to jump in, even though we are already on day 4.  I can recommend it for anyone who finds it easier to head to the chocolate stash than to the Lord in times of stress, boredom, tiredness, etc. which pretty much includes all of us. The subtitle of the book says it all: Where Physical Detox Meets Spiritual Transformation. Spiritual transformation is like rebirth as we learn how to trust God more and surrender to his love. If you’d like more information, comment below.

A new life in Christ. Spring also signifies new life, and we get to celebrate it this weekend as our oldest granddaughter will be baptized by her Papa and her daddy.  This celebration of new life is so special for all the obvious reasons, but what moves me the most is the honesty of our granddaughter as she has prepared for this day.  She doesn’t want to make a promise she can’t keep. She knows doubt will be a lifelong struggle, but doesn’t want to be defined by it. We have talked a lot, as she has with her parents and other grandparents. Baptism is a beginning, not a stand alone event or the end of anything. Life is a journey and baptism marks the beginning of new life in Christ.  She is ready, and I couldn’t be more proud of her and the light she casts on a dark world.

New life is all around us – from warmer weather to the beginning of Lent, to a precious girl embarking on a lifelong faith journey.

It’s a beautiful day.


Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him, –Psalm 34:8 (NIV)