2 Mar 2023

Lately, Flyboy and I have taken to watching a new rehabbing show, partly because we have spent the past five years giving new life to an old house.  The latest[…]

25 Feb 2023

This week was Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lenten season.  As I understand Lent, not having been raised in that tradition, it is a time of reflection, confession, repentance,[…]

20 Feb 2023

For the years that I’ve blogged and have used FB to notify readers of a new post and manage subscriptions, I am sad to report that FB cancelled me.  Altogether. […]

13 Feb 2023

To those of you that I ran into last month in Milwaukee who said you have missed Seriously, Girl,  thank you for the motivation to come back.  It’s been 11[…]