8 Feb 2021

Having grown up in the “knowledge of the truth over those pesky and unreliable feelings” generation, I have struggled my whole life to really know and experience the love of[…]

4 Feb 2021

My readings take me to Genesis 32 today where Jacob wrestles with God through the night.  I am puzzled by these words: 25 When the man saw that he could not[…]

25 Jan 2021

We are easily far enough into the new year to have broken all our resolutions, but this year is a little different for me. Having spent the past 3 1/2[…]

31 Dec 2020

Please take a few minutes and slowly read through “A Liturgy for Embracing Both Joy and Grief,” from the book Every Moment Holy, Vol. 2: Death, Grief, and Hope, to be released February[…]