Welcome to the Pastel Floral WordPress theme created by dtbaker. This theme includes many hand drawn floral elements and would be perfectly suited to any creative market.

This theme comes included with a very powerful page builder so that editing your page layouts and creating advanced layouts becomes a breeze. This theme also supports WooCommerce so you can start selling your items in no time.

All the pictures and graphics you see in this live demo are included in the purchased theme. This theme comes with an easy 5 minute setup wizard so you can get up and running in no time.

Our Difference

Each of our designs are carefully created in a graphic program first. Ensuring a unique and strong identity base for the website template design. The design is then constructed in such a way that the end user can easily edit any part of the design with minimal WordPress knowledge.

Not all WordPress items are created equal and we pride ourselves on forward thinking techniques to make sure your website looks amazing.

Our Blog

2 Mar 2023

Lately, Flyboy and I have taken to watching a new rehabbing show, partly because we have spent the past five years giving new life to an old house.  The latest[…]

25 Feb 2023

This week was Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lenten season.  As I understand Lent, not having been raised in that tradition, it is a time of reflection, confession, repentance,[…]

20 Feb 2023

For the years that I’ve blogged and have used FB to notify readers of a new post and manage subscriptions, I am sad to report that FB cancelled me.  Altogether. […]

13 Feb 2023

To those of you that I ran into last month in Milwaukee who said you have missed Seriously, Girl,  thank you for the motivation to come back.  It’s been 11[…]


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